About Us

Saiban is a social enterprise taking on the challenge of developing low-income housing in Pakistan. Saiban is poised to not only build sustainable housing, but to also manage the critical and complex intricacies of community development.

Scope of Business

Saiban provides affordable, quality housing solutions to the lower-income segment of the Pakistani population. Saiban was established in January 2008 in Pakistan. Saiban targets households earning PKR 10,000 to 100,000, and specializes in community-based approaches. Saiban’s
model of world-renowned Saiban model of Khuda Ki Basti has gained world recognition for its concept of incremental development.

Saiban, as a developer, identifies large tracts of land in the peri-urban areas of major cities of Pakistan and prepares business plans/feasibility studies for prospective investors. Once an investor, which could be from the public sector or the private sector, has committed to a specific project, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is created for that investment based upon equity contributions. In order to minimize risk for investors, the SPV holds the land title. Next, the SPV obtains project financing to develop the project based upon its methodology of incremental development. In addition to this, Saiban also provides project management services for low income housing developments.

With an eye on the housing shortage in this country, a sound understanding of the needs of the lower income segments, and a resolve to provide
solutions-Saiban has embarked on the journey.

Mission Statement

To provide innovative affordable housing solutions to the lower income segments of the Pakistani population, and to create vibrant and empowered communities.

Our Vision

At, Saiban our vision is to be a global leader in the provision of affordable housing - with a focus on developing sustainable communities.

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Rasheed Sahib

House is house owner's property, as a tenant we can just pay rent at owner's discretion. Saiban Homes came as a rescuer for people like us. I pay ultra easy installments, and I have a home of my own now.

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