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Bahria Town Karachi Prices Current Market updates

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Bahria Town Karachi Prices Today

You can get the latest Bahria town Karachi prices and property prices in Bahria town Karachi at Saiban Properties as our prices of Bahria town Karachi are daily updated after working on the property market and fresh demand of BTK rates.

Bahria Town Karachi Latest Prices

Bahria town Karachi latest prices are the matter of fact everyone is looking for but to keep prices updated on daily basis is a real problem that most of the real estate websites in Pakistan don’t update, but don’t worry Saiban Properties will help you get the latest prices of Bahria Town Karachi in this blog post so keep visiting and sharing our website to get Bahria town Karachi price update.

Why Invest in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is now delivering as per its commitments. variety of families have moved to the present dream houses to enjoy the privileged lifestyle at Bahria Town Karachi. This mega residential community has been established on the lines of best city planning to cater to the requirements of residents. the fashionable design and infrastructural brilliance of Bahria Town are second to none and every one facility including healthcare, education, and leisure are provided here at the doorstep.

variety of iconic attractions like Grand Jamia Mosque, Bahria Dancing Fountain, Bahria Carvinal, amusement park Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Danzoo, Bahria Adventura, Rafi Cricket Stadium and 27-Hole Night Lit PGA Standard golf links are placed inside this project.

Sub Projects of Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is known for its grandiosity and magnificence therefore also termed as a city within a city. In its subprojects Bahria Golf City Karachi, Bahria Sports City Karachi, Bahria Paradise Karachi and 58 precincts, a number of residential plots and properties are available.

Ready to move house in Bahria Town Karachi does have a wide range of variety to offer like Bahria Homes, Bahria Apartments, Bahria Heights, Bahria Sports City Villas, Bahria Paradise Villas, ARY Residencia Villas, Leaf Paradise Homes and more. For commercial investment, Midway Commercial, Liberty Commercial, Old Commercial and Iqbal Commercial you can consult us or call +923214168265 for Bahria Town Karachi Prices.

Bahria town karachi form houses apartments and commercial prices updated 2023

Bahria town karachi prices 2023

Project LocationProperty TypeSizeMin. PriceMax. Price
Bahria Farm HousesFarm House Plot1 Acre5.35 Crore (Full Paid)7.00 Crore (Full Paid)
Bahria Farm HousesFarm House Plot1.5 Acre6.70 Crore (Full Paid)8.50 Crore (Full Paid)
Bahria Farm HousesFarm House Plot2 Acre9.50 Crore (Full Paid)11.50 Crore (Full Paid)
Bahria Heights2 Bed Apartment1100 SQFT65.00 Lacs (Full Paid)100.00 Lacs (Full Paid)
Bahria HillsResidential Plot1000 SQY270.00 Lacs (Full Paid)355.00 Lacs (Full Paid)
Bahria HillsResidential Plot2000 SQY380.00 Lacs (Full Paid)450.00 Lacs (Full Paid)
Bahria HillsResidential Plot500 SQY125.00 Lacs (Full Paid)200.00 Lacs (Full Paid)
Jinnah Avenue CommercialCommercial Plot500 SQY25.00 Crore35.00 Crore
Midway CommercialCommercial Plot125 SQY2.80 Crore (Full Paid)4.50 Crore (Full Paid)
Old Commercial 10ACommercial Plot125 SQY135.00 Lacs (Full Paid)250.00 Lacs (Full Paid)

Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi

Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi may be a large place along side numerous categories. we’ve all documented list of all the costs regarding multiple precincts in bahria town karachi during this region in order that you’ll take a glance at the categories during which you’ll invest there. There are multiple villas, apartments and commercial units in Bahria Town Karachi where investment has become easier and affordable. Keeping in mind the standards of Bahria Town Karachi, these precincts are fully equipped with each and each amenity.

Precinct Bahria Town Karachi types sizes and updated prices 2023

 precinct 1 bahria town karachiOverseas Block250 sqyd50 lac125-190 lac
 Precinct 2Quaid Villa200 sqyd72 lac210-250 lac
 Precinct 2Iqbal Villa150 sqyd99 lac165-180 lac
 Precinct 3Residential Block2000 sqyd190 lac480 to 6 crore
 precinct 4 bahria town karachiResidential Block500 sqyd46.50 lac130 lac-190 carore
 Precinct 5Midway Commercial125 sqyd3.5 crore3-5 crore
bahria town karachi precinct 6 plot for saleResidential Block250 sqyd28 lac75-130 lac
 precinct 10a bahria town karachiResidential Block1000 sqyd86.5 lac225-3 crore
 bahria town karachi precinct 8 plot for saleResidential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac80-140 lac
 Precinct 9Bahria Hills500 sqyd46.50 lac125 to 195crore
 Precinct 9Bahria Hills1000 sqyd86 lac3-5 crore
 Precinct 9Bahria Hills2000 sqyd1.90 lacn/a
precinct 10a bahria town karachiResidential BlockVilla 20049.5 lac175-220 crore
 Precint 10BResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac40-50 lac
 Precint 11AResidential BlockVilla 20049 lac175-210 crore
 Precint 11AResidential BlockVilla 12542 lac145 – 160 crore
 Precint 11BResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac40 – 50 lac
 Precint 12Ali Block125 sqyd30 lac49-80 lac
 Precint 12Ali Block250 sqyd28.50 lac60-80 lac
 precinct 14 bahria town karachiResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac47-55lac
precinct 15a bahria town karachiResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac47-55 lac
 bahria town karachi precinct 15a plot for sale, bahria town karachi precinct 15a pricesResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac30-38 lac
 Precint 15BResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac27-38 lac
 Precint 15BResidential Block500 sqyd46.5 lac60-68 lac
 Precint 16Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac68-100 lac
 Precint 17Residential Block500 sqyd46.50 lac120-160 lac
precinct 17 bahria town karachiResidential Block1000 sqyd86 lac340-410 lac
 Precint 18Farmhouse1 acre4.10 croreN/A
 Precint 18Farmhouse1.5 acre5.55 croreN/A
 Precint 18Farmhouse2 acre7.46 croreN/A
2 bed apartment for sale in bahria town karachi precinct 19Apartments2 Bed 950 sqft26.60 lacs72-90 lac
 2 bed flat for sale in bahria town karachi precinct 19Apartments3 Bed 1950 sqft63 lac170-185 lac
precinct 19 bahria town karachiApartments4 Bed 2250 sqft82.60 lac2-225 crore
precinct 20 bahria town karachiGolf City500 sqyd85 lac65lac-190 crore
 Precint 20Golf City1000 sqyd1.55 crore325-425lac
 Precint 20Golf City2000 sqyd2.55 croreN/A
 precinct 21 bahria town karachiResidential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac28-38lac
 Precint 22Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac35-50 lac
 Precint 23Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac22-29lac
 Precint 23A xxResidential Block125 sqyd Villa42 lacN/A
 Precint 23A xxResidential Block200 sqyd Villa49 lacN/A
 Precint 24Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac25-32lac
precinct 25a bahria town karachiResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac25-32 lac
 precinct 26a bahria town karachiResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac23-37 lac
 Precint 27Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac27-50 lac
 Precint 28Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac24-38 lac
 precinct 29 bahria town karachiResidential Block500 sqyd46.50 lac65-100 lac
 Precint 29a b c d xxResidential Block125, 250, 500, 1000 sqydNullNull
 Precint 30Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac48-70 lac
precinct 31 bahria town karachiResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac28-38 lac
bahria town karachi prices precinct 32Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac34-50 lac
 Precinct 32a b c d xxResidential Block125, 250, 500, 1000 sqydNullNull
 Precinct 33Residential Block500 sqyd46.50 lac55-1 crore
 Precinct 33a b c d xxResidential Block125, 250, 500, 1000 sqydNullNull
 Precinct 34Sport City250 sqyd36.55 lac38-55 lac
 Precinct 35Sport City350 sqyd1.45 crore188-250 crore
 Precinct 36Sport City500 sqyd58.50 lacNull
 Precinct 36Sport City1000 sqyd92.75 lacNull
 Precinct 37 xxSport City500 sqyd58.50 lacNull
 Precinct 37 xxSport City1000 sqyd92.75 lacNull
 Precinct 38 xxSport City1000 sqyd92.75 lacNUll
 Precinct 39 xxSport City1000 sqyd92.75 lacNull
 Precinct 40 xxSport City250 sqyd36.55 lacNull
 Precinct 40 xxSport City500 sqyd58.50 lacNull
 Precinct 41 xxSport City500 sqyd58.50 lacNull
 Precinct 42 xxSport City250 sqyd36.55 lacNull
 Precinct 43 xxSport City500 sqyd58.50 lacNull
 Precinct 44 xxSport City250 sqyd36.55 lacNull
 Precinct 45 xxSport City250 sqyd36.55 lacNull
 Precinct 46 xxParadise250 sqyd59.25 lacNull
 Precinct 47Paradise250 sqyd59.25 lacNull
 Precinct 48Paradise250 sqyd59.25 lacNull
 Precinct 49Paradise250 sqyd59.25 lacNull
 Precinct 50 xxParadise500 sqyd95.50 lacNull
 Precinct 51 xxParadise500 sqyd95.50 lacNull
 Precinct 51 xxParadiseVilla 500 sqyd3 C 85 lacNull
 Precinct 52 xxParadise250 sqyd59.25 lacNull
 Precinct 53 xxParadise250 sqyd59.25 lacNull
 Precinct 54 xxParadise500 sqyd95.50 lacNull
 Precinct 54 xxParadise250 sqyd59.25 lacNull
 Precinct 55 xxParadise500 sqyd95.50 lacNull
 Precinct 56 xxParadise500 sqyd1C 72 lac 50kNull
 Precinct 57 xxParadise1000 sqyd2 C 72 lac 50kNull
 Precinct 58 xxParadise1000 sqyd3 C 72 lac 50KNull