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If you’ve ARY Laguna forms for sale we are buying ARY Laguna Application forms only if your forms are verified, no matter from where you’ve purchased ARY Laguna Registration Forms, contact us now or submit form below and we’ll get back to you.
ARY Laguna forms price
ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi is offering ARY Laguna Booking Form in Pakistan, ARY Laguna Forms price is 16,500 and 10,000 is refundable which you can get a refund if you’re unsuccessful in general balloting or if your form balloting is successful then this amount will be adjusted as 50000rs in payment plan if your forms are verified.
ARY Laguna booking form
If you’re successful in ARY Laguna Balloting then you can get ARY Laguna Forms adjustment of 50,000rs if your forms are verified. you can buy ARY laguna online forms From the official website of ARY Laguna or ARY laguna forms download from ARY Laguna’s official website or platinum agents.
if you’re interested to buy ARY Laguna forms online or can submit the form give below to confirm the unit booking of your apartment in DHA City Karachi.
ARY Laguna form verification
The last date of ARY Laguna form verification was 14th February 2021. After ARY laguna form submission your forms will be verified and all forms that get verified will be adjusted for 50,000Rs in the ARY Laguna Payment Plan.
ARY Laguna booking form last date
ARY laguna form last date for submission was 25 Nov 2020. You can buy a confirm unit now with forms already adjusted in payment plan from any platinum agents or simply you can contact us for ARY Laguna Flat Prices.
ARY Laguna Instructions from Developer for Booking online froms

  1. The Verified Member applying to book the Property in ARY Laguna DHA City, Karachi will be referred to as a ‘Member’ for the purpose of these terms & conditions. The booking made by the Member with ARY Laguna Karachi (Pvt.) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Developer) is binding on the Member. The booking of the property is subject to approval by the Developer.
  2. The Member agrees to have provided complete and relevant contact information while registering their Membership.
  3. One Booking Form can be used for seeking Booking of one apartment unit only.
  4. This Booking Form can only be used for booking in the name of the verified Member for the Original Membership/Application Form holders.
  5. All columns and entries (except those specified for official use by the Developer) must be completely filled. No entry is to be left blank. An incomplete Booking Form will not be processed.
  6. A Property booked by a Member shall not be used by the Member for any purpose other than that applied or meant for.
  7. Actual area may vary from stated area. Unit Layout Plan is used for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the actual size, features, specifications, fittings, and furnishings. The Developer reserves the right to make revisions / alterations, at its absolute discretion, without any liability whatsoever.
  8. The Member unconditionally, irrevocably and finally agrees to purchase the Property from the Developer at the Purchase Price, in accordance with the Schedule of Installment Payments.
  9. The Member agrees, during the booking process, to submit the Down Payment via Pay Order/Cheque/Credit Card/Online Transfer in the escrow account and surrender/attach all Original Membership/Application Form(s), Validation Letter (if issued), and/or Transfer Letter (if applicable) to the Developer along with the duly signed Booking Form. Furthermore, once designated for form adjustment policy, the surrendered Membership/Application Form(s) would be annulled. Additionally, when the booking is activated, the Developer will not accept any subsequent Membership/Application Form(s) from any Member desiring to take advantage of the form adjustment policy.
  10. All Payments are to be made according to the type and size of the unit as per schedule of payment in favor of “Escrow ARY Laguna Karachi (Pvt.) Ltd.” at designated offices (Pay Order/Cheque/Credit Card/Online Transfer) of bank branches. If the payment(s) is made by the credit card, applicable bank processing charges will be borne by the Member.
  11. If any amount is paid by Cheque/Credit Card/Online Transfer and the Cheque/Credit Card/Online Transfer is not settled by the bank, if the pre- registration/registration charges and fees have not been settled by the Member in a timely manner and/or if the Down Payment has not been received by the Developer in full. The Developer may immediately terminate the offer to purchase without the need for notice or any further proceedings (legal or otherwise) or court judgment and any amounts received by the Developer pursuant to this Booking Form shall be absolutely forfeited by the Developer. Such termination shall be without prejudice to the Developer’s right to recover the amount in full and/or Pay Order/Cheque/Credit Card/Online Transfer value from the Member or any additional amount as compensation. The Developer may, at its sole discretion, allow the Member to substitute the returned Pay Order/Cheque/Credit Card/Online Transfer by another form of payment acceptable to the Developer or extend the time period for the full payment of the deposit and/or pre-registration/registration charges.
  12. All payments made by the Member pursuant to this Booking Form shall be effected in Pak Rupees-PKR (the lawful currency of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan). In the event any payment is effected in any other currency for any installment, the credit to the Member account would be given based on the amount realized in PKR by the Developer. Accordingly, any shortfall/surplus due to exchange rate differences shall be recovered/adjusted towards the next installment payment.
  13. During a period of one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of signing this Booking Form, the Developer shall be entitled not to proceed in the booking of the Property at any time, and to terminate this Booking Form without the need to disclose the reason for termination, and without the need for any legal proceedings or court judgment, and without any liability whatsoever. In case of such termination, and subject to the receipt of the deposits in full, the Developer shall (in this respect) refund the deposits to the Member without any interest and without any other compensation of any kind. The Member hereby explicitly and finally waives any rights to claim any interest or compensation in respect of the foregoing that might be provided/allowed under any applicable laws.
  14. The Member agrees to and accepts the foregoing provisions and that except in case of termination by the Developer in accordance with Clause (13) above, the Deposit (or any paid portion thereof) is not refundable to the Member for any reason whatsoever.
  15. The Member irrevocably and finally represents and confirms, at the Member’s full responsibility, having complied with all regulations, laws and requirements in all relevant jurisdictions (inter alia all relevant exchange control requirements) and obtained all licenses, consents or permissions that are required to enter into and perform his/its obligations under the Booking process and/or under any document executed or to be executed pursuant to this Booking process.
  16. The Member guarantees at the Member’s sole responsibility that all payments of any kind made under or pursuant to this Booking Form are paid by funds of legitimate source and that the same are not the proceeds of any crime or illegal activity.
  17. In case of any dispute between the Developer and a Member, the dispute will be referred to the Management Committee of the Developer and whose decision will be final and binding on the Member.
  18. All amounts to be paid to the Developer pursuant to this Booking Form are exclusive of all applicable all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Member shall pay to the Developer the applicable levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities without delay. Subject to the applicable laws and regulations, in the event any amount due to the Developer pursuant to this Booking Form is made in installments or through deferred payments, the Developer shall issue a tax invoice to the Member in respect of the due tax upon the encashment by the Developer of the relevant installment or the deferred payment (as applicable). After NOC from the Developer, the Member will be subject to the relevant membership, lease registration, or any other charges levied by DHA.
  19. The Developer, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to change or amend the Terms and Conditions hereof without notifying the Member(s), and the Developer will notify new updated Terms and Conditions on