If you earn in USD, now is the time for you to invest in DHA Lahore

The idea of making real estate investments under current market conditions may appear impractical to some. After all, investment volume is currently down in all societies and even in neighborhoods that were once the favorites among investors. However, the fact remains that the constant slip in prices seen during the last three years make the current market rate quite attractive for investors, especially if you are an overseas Pakistani. Coupled with the recent rise recorded in the value of USD against Pakistani Rupee, the deal sounds even more promising.

invest in dha lahore

Why pick DHA Lahore?

The society provides some of the safest investment options you can opt for in Lahore. Furthermore, property value here has successfully managed to avoid a crash-like situation in the absence of active investors since July 2016.

This speaks volumes about the strength DHA Lahore holds in terms of safeguarding your investment. Based on this strong resistance, property experts are optimistic that as soon as the market condition becomes conducive for investment once again, DHA Lahore will be among the first few projects to register recovery and further growth in rates.

Market update

This might interest you to know that property rates in DHA Lahore phases that are ready for the end users haven’t really dropped. The lack of investment activity only hindered the market price ascent but this, too, turned out in the society’s favor as it retained the buyers’ interest.

Nonetheless, prices did drop in the phases that aren’t yet ready for the genuine buyers. This includes Phase VII, Phase VIII and Phase IX to some extent. Like mentioned earlier, the drop hasn’t been stark. There is however an upside to the current market condition: due to a lack of active investors, the buyers get a good chance to negotiate on rate. This essentially means that you can close the deal at rates much lower than the quoted price.

Quite surprisingly, property prices in the comparatively low-priced DHA Phase XI, also known DHA Rahbar, haven’t plunged much. The lack of investment activity in other DHA phases rather increased the demand for DHA Rahbar plots. In the meanwhile, this phase has also served the investors (essentially the non-filers of income tax returns) who were reluctant to invest in property having market value higher than PKR 4 million.

Where to invest in DHA Lahore right now?

If you have a smaller budget, you can purchase the recently launched 5-marla files in DHA Rahbar. Their market price is PKR 3 million. In USD, it is an investment of slightly over USD 20,000.

Those looking to play big and score even bigger returns on investment should go for DHA Rahbar 4-marla commercial file. You can purchase one for PKR 17 million or USD 114,709 (as of May 20, 2019). One year ago, the same PKR 17 million would have cost you approximately USD 147,000.

On top of this wonderful bargain, purchasing these commercial or residential files in DHA Rahbar also promise sound rewards in the short term as the DHA has announced to hold a ballot to allocate plot numbers soon. The authority is yet to announce the final date but the anticipation in this regard has created a higher market demand for DHA Rahbar plot files.

The latest from DHA Phase IX

While you read these lines, development work is underway at full pace in Phase IX. And the authority has no specific preference for developing any sector sooner than the rest. In other words, the pace of development work in all sectors here is even.

The authority has paced up development work on completing road infrastructure, which is almost in its final phase. The process of laying infrastructure for other facilities is also progressing steadily. From the looks of it and how committed the DHA seems about completing the development work on time, it appears that Phase IX will be ready for possession in the next two years.

This is no surprise that Phase IX has been a particular favorite among overseas investors. The strong holding power our overseas investors possess is the main reason why price drop noticed here is less stark in comparison to that recorded for plots in Phase VII and Phase VIII.

Based on how the market fared for Phase IX plots before the new taxation system was introduced in July 2016, property experts believe that this phase is marked to become the most pristine of all DHA phases in Lahore. So naturally, this should also be on your investment list if you wish to make use of the current low rate and the higher USD value against Pakistani Rupee.

The recommended plot size in Phase IX is 1-kanal because it is the prime plot category. Currently, you can purchase a good location 1-kanal plot in a price range of PKR 10-12.5 million or USD 67,461 and USD 84,326. The deal sounds quite convincing.

While Pakistan’s economy struggles to stand on its two feet, the world closely watches the situation. If have a slightest idea about the role Pakistan is to play at international economic fronts and how the country has survived circumstances worse than these, you will not think twice and make an invest decision right away.