Malir Expressway

The Malir Expressway Karachi is a 39km road to be constructed along the Malir River starting from KPT Interchange, crossing through Qayyumabad and concluding at the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway near Kathore. It will be a four-lane carriageway. Its original estimated completion period is three years.

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Malir Expressway connects ARY laguna DHA city to Karachi by motorway, get Malir expressway map and latest news of construction and project completion updates, ARY Laguna is located opposite to Bahria Town Karachi on Superhighway, DHA Phase 9, DHA City Sector 1 Karachi.

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Malir Expressway Construction latest news 2021

Malir Expressway latest news of 2021 is that the Malir Expressway route is changed ‘to ensure minimum displacement of people’

Malir Expressway Latest News 2021

Sindh government had made changes in the project to ensure that the least possible number of people had to be displaced as a result of the Malir Expressway’s construction. He promised that the displaced population would also be provided with alternative accommodation.

Malir deputy commissioner said that after incorporating changes in Malir Expressway Route, some 400 to 500 concrete and mud houses would be demolished and 40 acres of private land would also be included in the project.

Malir Expressway Map

Given the proposed Malir Expressway map, Malir Expressway will be the shortest alternative route to M-9 Motorway from DHA Karachi. It will be designed for speedy yet safe travel from the urban areas of the city to nearby villages. 

Presently, besides the two causeways on the left and right banks of Malir River, there are no paved roads present for a quick and smooth commute. The two causeways connect with the National Highway (N-5) and Quaidabad, respectively. 

For further assistance on the location and Malir Expressway route map, please have a look at the Malir Expressway map below:

Malir Expressway route map

Following are the both Malir expressway new route map and map of this project.

Malir Expressway completion date

Malir Expressway’s inauguration date was 10 Dec 2020 and this will be completed within 3-5 years. Malir Expressway project will be completed in 2023-2025.

Malir Expressway Details

The Malir Expressway will be constructed on the left bank of the Malir River, Malir Expressway will be a high-speed toll expressway.
The Malir Expressway will be a 6-lane road with a 3-foot dual carriageway, The speed design of the Malir Expressway will be 100 km per hour.
The speed at the interchange on the Malir Expressway will be 50 km per hour, The Malir Expressway will start from Korangi Road, DHA Creek Avenue.
Malir Expressway will run from Jam Sadiq Bridge, Shah Faisal Colony Road, Future Colony to Kathore
There will be 9 pedestrian crossings on the Malir Expressway.
Sindh government is launching the Malir Expressway on a public-private partnership, The Malir Expressway is the largest PPP project after the Thar Coal Project, The Malir Expressway will play an important role in Karachi’s traffic problems

Beginning from KPT Interchange near Qayyumabad, this four-lane dualized expressway will run along the left bank of Malir River. The expressway will stretch to cover up to 39 kilometers and connect Korangi to Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway (M-9), and DHA City. 

Malir Expressway Interchanges and Subways

Three flyovers and eight underpasses will be constructed as part of the project, which will start from the KPT Interchange in Qayyumabad and terminate at the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway near Kathore. CM Sindh gave the go-ahead to the investment department to mobilize machinery for the project, saying that he will lay its foundation stone in the second week of next month.

Malir Expressway Inauguration Date 10 Dec 2020

Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will lay the foundation stone of Malir Expressway in the same month
The Malir Expressway will be a 39.4 km long beautiful road.

Malir Expressway cost and budget

The cost of Malir Expressway is more than Rs. 27 billion.